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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  January 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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announcer: it is 10:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? right now on "fox 5 news" atten: >> wow. if you stepped outside tonight, you know we are in for it now. after a relatively warm month of december, we are about to get whit the arctic blast tonight. temperatures are dropping down the teens. in fact, it is >> 17-18 now. digits. everybody bundled up in the new winter coats everything they got for christmas. nick is wheel the forecast. the good news is, it long. correct. boy, a a blast. that is sure? no question are in january today. temperatures in the teens now. 17 in the city. 18 bellmawr. 13 poughkeepsie. 10 in sussex. 13 monticello.
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here tonight. the sky is clear. we have a few skater clouds lout. no issues from that department. fox 5 will confirm that. couple of snow showers well offshore. the wind has been issue. it is gusting out of the north. 15 to 25 miles per hour, so we see those windchills down. i will show them to you. oh, look at the 24-hour temperature change over 20 to as much as 25 degrees down from this time last night. here are the windchills? they are down there. 2 bellmawr. minus 3 newark. 2 below in poughkeepsie. monticello, 14 below. 3 above in it islip. temperatures again, going to bottom out 14 hen city. singles in the suburbs. not examining to warm up a great deal tomorrow. upper 20's to lower 30's. maybe 31 or 32 in the city. should be much quicker recovery to wednesday. by the afternoon, those temperatures will jump ton the lower 40's and take a look at the future cast. again, the sky stays clear.
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just that it is cold. particularly in the next 36 hours. 14 in town tonight. closer to 0 to five above. going to be a few cloud and the windchills 0 to 10 below 0. 20's at lunchtime. stopping to around 31. dari? dari: thank you, nick. governor cuomo is ordering agencies across the state to get homeless people off the street and put them in shelters as soon as the temperatures drop below prezzing like they are tonight. the governor's director has reig mighted the long standing power struggle between he and the mayor. sharon crowley is in midtown mu with the latest on this. hi, sharon? reporter: hi, dari, as you know, the mayor and the governor want the homeless to be in shelters he is lish on prig git cold nights like tonight. but what they differ in is the approach. the governor wans to pos are the homeless into shelter whens the temperatures dip below freezing. starting tomorrow. the governor said wee
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laws to do that. >> on this frigid night a man named carl makes a cardboard bed on the sidewalk on 51st and bradway. he lost his job and his home two years ago. >> how come you are not in a shelter tonight? >> well, i heard bad things about helters, so i don't trust them. so that is why i am not here. >> it is cold out. >> i understand. i got two blankets to keep me warm. the homeless crisis and what to do about it heated up just as the temperatures dropped. new york governor andrew cuomo signed an executive order subday requiring local governments statewide to take holest people off the street by force if necessary when the temperature drops below 32 degrees. >> when it becomes freezing, literally, it is a public health and safety matter. we have to get people in off the streets. reporter: new york city mayor bill de blasio
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blue program in place. city workers and police take anyone in garner off the streets when it dip bess low freezing. the mayor says forcing people off the streets will require a change in state law. >> uned hundreds of outreach workers will be working constantly to get to homeless folks all over the city, working closely with the ypd unit especially trained. we have the power, right now, if someone is in danger, we have the power now get them off the streets. >> you want to get m doors as much as possible. the coalition for them toless feeds about 1,000 on the streets of mo, city every night. the nonprofit is against forcing them toless into shelters. >> when you force people what happens is the most marginalized people wind up getting pushed to the outer bureaus in places like groups cannot engage them and get hem the help they need. reporter: carl has heard what the politician want but doesn't want to be forced into a shelter. he will take the chances
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>> why won't you go? >> i just don't trust it. reporter: and carl may kneel way because the cent audit of the city's homeless shelters revealed that a majority of the city homeless shelters are both dirty and dangerous. steve? steve: indeed. all right. thans very much, sharob. new year off to a rocky start. the dow closed down 276 making it the worst opening day to start the year since 2008 but much worse earlier when it was off by more than 46 them global sell-off trigger bid new fears in china. rising tension in the mideast. dari: well, tom coughlin is nong lo the head the giants. steve: he announced res resignation. no playoffs. russ salzberg here now. russ? reporter: well, it seemed like never ending speculation over the past mnt or so. we now have it as a done deal. after 12 year on the job and two super bowl
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tom coughlin, as you heard, is out of head coach of the new york giants but how you watched them yesterday as the big blue wrapped up the frustrating season against the philadelphia eagles with another loss over the metlife stadium you have seen the same tom coughlin as always coaching up to the very end and if you know tom coughlin, he only way knows how to do anything full steam ahead but a change was in order in earl think afternoon, he shore youd this he following statement. i inform both his bosses, co-owners, john mar are and steve tisch, he informed them, it is the best interest of the organization that i step down as head coach and strongly believe that the times right for me and my family, it has been and honor and privilege to serve as head coach of the new york football guynt as. this is not a sad occasion for me. agree tom. it is not a dad say, it is emotional. it is tough for those of
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one guy in particular who knows tom very well is quarterback eli manning who i spoke with this morning after tom's final meeting with the team but you can sense from ally's emotions that he kind of knew the end was coming before it was official. >> always a tough day. the last day, you oh, it is coming. tough to finish the season and be disappointed about how it finished. >> what was coach's mood if you can tell us? >> you know, i think he is pay appreciatated other player, other guys of our work. you know? i think he was talking about the effort and saying he didn't, you know, the effort we gave this year. >> aim sensing this is a tough day for you? >> way, it is. you know? and you know, we'll see what happens. we'll handle whatever occurs and move on. >> and you will hear more from emotional eli along with my thoughts
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depart tur and the possible candidates later in sports. great. >> thank you. >> all right. >> meantime, nypd crime staps are in for 2015. overall crime dropped nearly 2% compared to 2010. gun arrests were up 1% but merdes, rapes, robberies all increased. today, commissioner bratton responded to accusations that crime data is being manipulated. we have made no changes in how we report information in he case of shootings. dari: well, nypd is also turning more in a more to techs that he days. 20,000 officers have been given smartphones and patrol cars have tablets with custom-built apps to help them fight crime. >> tonight, the police charged 15-year-old girl in the death. the bodies found in am apartment in plook brain. 38-year-old rosy sanchez and anderson new noz were found shot to death in the fifth-floor apartment.
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went out celebrating in times square new year's eve while the bodies were in the apartment. she is facing two counts. dari: a south carolina judge has approved bail for a former northerly charitieston police officer. the $500,000 bond for michael schrager, who is charged with merd in the shooting death of walter scott last april. now cell phone video shows schrager fire thing gun eight times at scott who ran from a traffic stop. sharing must remain in the state while he is on bail. a trial date has been set for october. steve: the united states caught in the mild of rising tensions between iran and saudi arabia. the saudis cut all ties with iran that follows attack on the saudi embassy after the execution of a prominent shyite cleric be a now fears the growing conflict could derail peace talks which they have been involved in. oh, tennessee sports sites draftkings and fan dual have gone to court asking for permission to continue to operate in
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while they appeal an order to be shut down. they their businesses have suffered greatly. new york attorney denle are a, though, eric schneiderman has sued the companies comparing them to illegal gambling operations but the companies are saying that their gains are based on skill and not chance. a ruling could come in the next couple of weeks during the nfl playoffs. >> all right. manhattan dermatologist with those rainbow-colored ads promising clearer skin. we have seen them. dr. jonathan closed the rack is on the upper east side and a began advertising the 1980's offering treatment for skin conditions clowning acne when asked why he turned the subway for clients. he said he wanted to advertise the services to everyone not just the wealthy and if you got stuck with your hand staring at the face the whole time. >> everywhere. that and the law firm. >> yeah. right. dari: well, the presidential race is really heating up now. its official. steve: all right.
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could sin gl the race. happy new year. that is old news? steve: are you thrilled to get back to work or sad that the holidays are over? i wonder which one?
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steve: the election we have been hearing so much about so long is here. dari: forever. i can't believe it is steve: only two or lee years away. dari: all of that. now we are about to hit the real primaries. that for the white house of course. now the 2016 is officially here them he candidates are going to kick into high ger and for that, stacey delikat in the newsroom for what more we can pecks now. stacey? reporter: well, dari, steve, it was the warm-up. ways back ground noises a one expert told me. the iowa caucus is now 28 days away on february 1st the candidates are ramping up for the main event that means onslaught of
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attacks. >> i am donald trump. reporter: donald trump shallerring in 201 with the first tv ad of the campaign in which he doubled down on the most controversial promise. he is calling for a temporary shutdown. reporter: while the ad benefit fras slew of free press on the network and cable stations today. it will face plenty of competition in key early states. >> we are looking at i would, new hampshire, south carolina, nevada, and they are about to be blizzarded with advertising. a lot of it negative. reporter: the college school of public affairs says with just 28 days to go inle the first actual votes are casts the candidates are pulling out all the stops. >> are they campaigns going to take it to a whole other level now. >> this is the point when jeb be in the primary state and the caucus states are paying close attention to what is going on. reporter: for democratic
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debuting president bill clinton on the campaign trail in new hampshire. he will be powerful force for her in even though there are people credibility. >> on the gop side. a dozen are duping it out to make the top three or four states. many now targeting their attacks at ted cruz who leads in several iowa polls sp. cruz telling his supporters on new year's eve to strap on the full armor of good and get ready for's takes come the month of january. we haven't seen nothing yet. >> well, there are still a handful of debates between now and the first races. the republicans will face off once again onionary 14th from south carolina on the fox business channel and one more debate on the 28th two days before the iowa caucuses on fox news. the democrats have their turn on the 17th from south carolina. steve, that debate airing. a crazy year. all right. thank, stacey. three justice department suing over the cheating solve the wear that was found in nearly 600,000 vehicles sold here in
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the feds claim the auto maker illegally installed sov wear when undergoing laboratory testing. the company now facing more than $18 billion in potential fines for violations of the act. a well, the race is on to develop a self driving car. gm says it is investing half billion in the ride sharing company lyft. they are planning to develop a fleet of self-driving cars and open up a network of u.s. hubs where lyft drivers can rent gm vehicles. >> gm wants to be able to be known for the cars and driverless cars are utilized most efficiently on a ondemand basis. notion. dari: the investment will help lyft grow in the customer base so it can compete with the ride sharing giant uber. steve: i think we'll think it is crazy people drove cars. all right. don't be surprised if a tire.
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have led the car packers tires. they say 36% of 2015 model year vehicles were tires. disappearing in including that,mazing. dari: so tasting. for kids who would like to build a robot. this is cool opportunity. it is geek forest. it is in williamsburg. husband and wife team rickey and carmen sutton got the idea to open up the sop after their own kicked pressed desire in robots and also computer science. well now, they started up after-school program for budding elementary school engineers. >> there are a lot of engineers who bring in their kids and their kids learn about it. >> the robotics program is based on the lego and structure. so they build a row bt out of legos with motors and things and program the robots to do things. >> yeah. a lot of kid cans get
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them. well, pop-up shop is he indicated on south third and williamsburg at least until may 15thth and hope to move a permanent location in the neighborhood. >> four days since the pal dropped. we had the whole weekend to ring in 2016 so we sent lidia curanaj to see when it is time to stop. >> by now you heard happy new year 25 times all right but does expression ever have exploration date? he with it the threats to find out. >> happy new year. >> how late can you say it? >> i think you have the first week. >> give it a week. >> a week? >> yeah. >> you see everyone that you work with and the friends and everything and you just yeah. >> todays the last day. yeah. you doesn't see anything. you have been on vacation? >> okay, pine. if i haven't seen anyone, yeah. >> todays the last day. >> todays the last day. >> you think any later it is kind of sill zi yeah.
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>> like saying merry christmas now. it is like way after christmas. where have youen? >> yeah. look are you have been under a rock. tomorrows the 6th. >> todays the fourth? >> todays the fourth. >> fourth. >> that is enough. >> reporter: you are thinking january 7th. >> yeah. give it after today. maybe like after the third or the fourth. reporter: what if you haven't seib the person until next week? >> then you can say how was your new year? maybe. reporter: how was your huizar. >> very nice. report what was the new year's resolution? >> has it been happy? >> yeah. it has. reporter: even though the gains aren't doing so well. from is next year p. we sa new coach. >> reporter: is tight plight never too late. >> probably not. maybe june. never. never. reporter: why is that? >> because it is an opportunity isic time of year. always a new year. reporter: i like that positivity. happy few year to you both and to everyone at home. i am lidia curanaj, "fox 5 news." >> if i feel look the
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somebody after the new year you can say happy new year if you haven't accept them. steve: right. they can go to in the of this week if it takes so long. then you make up with small talk. dari: not just a new face. steve: how james smith's mu ad for louie is breaking fashion boundaries as well. dari: business was booming on broadway during the holidays. was it enough to boost the overall box office for the entire year? wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away.
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dari: oh, no. >> baby. dari: clearly, that was resolution to get rid of the sipping. steve: mo way. i am subling down. all right. it is confirmed. guns and roasts with axle and slash is are he. >> you nighting the california music festival anopessing the line-up tonight which includes see ya ice cube harris and reunited sound system, too. they are. kind of excited ifment all right. a lot of buzz about this of late. we don't know. we find out the line-up of the band tomorrow. tickets go on sale wednesday morning. >> great white way had a great holiday season but a less than overall broadway ending of 201 a and started 2016 but the besttained in
10:24 pm
history raking in more than $43 million between christmas and new year. overall box office receipts dropped by $8 million. >> all right. will smith's son jaden at the center of the ad campaign. he is modeling skirt as the new face of the women's wear line. simone is here with pore on the ad. ex plate, please. reporter: well, yeah. this shouldn't come as huge shock to machine my people because he has the eccentric sense of style. he this is new face of the louie vuitton's we'll wear. skirt. steve: which one? >> reporter: he on the right there. steve: okay. okay. >> reporter: he is pictured there alongside of female models and you
10:25 pm
the past and made self statements last year and often wearing dresses and thirds and likes to wear these drapey fabrics because it mains him feel like a superhero and the same 17 why are old who wear batman suit to kim and can yes' wedding. another form self-expression. >> yeah. yeah. he has got it. >> yeah. he can rock it. that is why. he is young. >> yeah. >> exactly. a right. >> beautiful. he may be providing a lot of encouragement for people who would like to wear that. >> abc lie. reporter:gq arguably the standard in pen's fashion and they are tweeting their praise for the rising fashion star saying he remains the swervist guy i know. >> i am into that. dari: it is on point. reporter: well-deserved? ment all right. judges keith urban, harry connick jr. will
10:26 pm
8:00 to kick of though final season of "american idol." this is huge. tune in tomorrow at 5:00. reflect on the show's hugely successful run. this is a television institutional that has been 15 years all of these huge stars have come are the show. jennifer hudson on broadway now. won an oscar. the list goes on and on. >> when i first started work on air. i doll came on. that night if you did didn't have a fox affiliate, then were you against idol, you were dead in the water no matter what? it blew everything off the tv. >> yep. steve: ek loo you said before, so much more. reporter: yeah. when you look at the other talent shows they cannot cope pete. once are in the show, are going to have a foo hits. who knows. >> without a doubt. >> well, the president control laws. >> the new steps he is planning to take without having to go through
10:27 pm
plus -- >> i don't think i can see it. >> what?
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present that made the 80 you couldn' t do anything about that driver running that red light. you couldn' t do anything about him hitting you while you were in the crosswalk. you couldn' t do anything about all those missed paychecks. but you can do something about getting the person responsible to pay. you can call jacoby & meyers. we' ve been winning pedestrian knock-down cases for years and getting people the money they deserve. steve: president obama
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in office by taking aim at the nation's gun control laws. he with will take executive action to crackdown a weapon showed? boy does this give everybody a lot of material. the decision setting the stage for another major political battle in the mdle of a hotly contested presidential campaign. linda schmidt explains. president obama: over the next several days, we will be rolling out. reporter: the new gun control measures include requiring background checks for guns bought for dealers online and at gun shows. in audition to making more gun deals get licenses. president obama met with the attorney general fbi directon and others to disus cuss the gun control measure has the president can end ac without needing congressional approval. >> the good news is that these are not only recommendations that are well within my legal authority, and the executive branch, but
10:30 pm
the overwhelming mayor think of american people including gun owners support and believe in. >> kem cratic presidential candidates bernie sanders and hillary clinton support the president taking executive action in order to buy bypass congress. >> i am absolutely convinced we could have gun safety measures consistent with the constitution. >> the president says the gun control i,tives are consistent with the second amendment but cents articled that some of the mass shootings that grabbed headlines involved gups that were legally pur cased with background checks and gun advocates are already planning lawsuits while some republican presidential hopefuls say if elected, they will overturn president obama's gun control measures. >> he can abuse the powers all he wants. he has a fen and pen. if you live bay the pen, you have die by the pen and my pen has got eraser. >> this president needs to stop focusing when is forbidden to do.
10:31 pm
amendment. >> and the white house is saying tonight, the fb i i will be hiring 230 more to process those back ground checks. steve, back to you. very well. >> a tweet by the national rifle association drawing criticism for brooklyn lawmakers the push mycation mark's first picture of the state senator and assembly woman joanne simon with bullets inects to them. both are dem cra and introduced a bill next month limb mt. the amount of am nation could be boug during a 90-day period. both state lg saw tures called that tweet >> the standoff continues between federal authorities and the group of armed antigovernment act rists who take over a wildlife preserve in oregon. demonstrators dime remotele wildlife refuge about 300 miles southeast a of portlandonstrators dime remotele wildlife refuge about 300 miles southeast a of portland to protest the prison sentences of two ranchers who set fire to prall land now the t a ochers claim has the land rightfully belongs
10:32 pm
local sheriff's fis says the group's actual motive is to overthrow both the low can and the federal government. >> all right. now that the holidays are over? what do you do with the crifistmas tree the city has began the annual rerecycling program and can look thethe hees now. tro take off any lights or orn president and will come pick them up through next friday. the are chipped up ren used as mulch ap does smell great. a bigf anles of them. too. >> all right. well, a great grand in indiana could not believe her eyes when she opened up one of the christmas gifts. >> i don't think i can. [laughter] >> wow. okay. you are never too old. that is mary ann dave race. she is 80-year-old and pulled out 2016 calendar of hunky firefg pters. you saw her reaction. pricest himself the
10:33 pm
nearly 60 howe times and got the attention of honky findg pters in the cayearr- and reportedly got to meet a few in pepper. steve: i hope righ behaved herse. y. got to love grandma. dari: i know. steve: ourp>> wyp>> wily look. on brand caysting a fun raise pore the mother's presidential campaign. easy for know say. a bic the former first daughter, $2700. b3 ok row seats are available for $5sy. off brand, notly are you's tommy lee who got stuck upside down when the drum kit mall auctioned during the bnd's last ever show in new year's eve and he had to eventually crawl down with a couple of stagehand's help. it was little bit on brand either way. fascinating video i
10:34 pm
r. there it is. all right. four straight nights to ring in theolde year. takigranin a showing of the mash broadway musical together tooterday as the band with their wife and there has the mam hilton understudy where the band that photo. he tweeted that out. the vermont poursomeraws reunited with him. he also took part. i about are interviewed the actor. saw you they tweet. more on that tomorrow. he had cool story but but cayw he got the eypre bond sholhim. i thought it was interesting. a lot of people go to see hem. the and them. not many people can say about that. >> okay. the holidays are over. are you happy about it? relieved? do yoght.heporte the jan crry blues? >> putting on brave f3 oe. >> cayw other new yo >> ers feel about it. >> and chic fillet loverses didf annted and force them tohersose do, n their locations in midtown but first here is tonight's new yo >>
10:35 pm
>> a retiredr rote is get new life. the good ship firefighter is now a faimating museum green port and retired were service in 2010 and moved to city. a state gt a ot paid for the refurbishing of the ship which is open to visitors with weekends from d sh:sy to 5:ught sh you can also get a virtual tour on-line at f boat findg pter of! orcoo boat lovers should keck out the jacob javits center thisa stat. the ankaal pet show opens wednesday. there is somethingorn om everyone to sp reting fishing boatance not to mention all the latest bjating technology and gadraigtance gear. the sea turtle that spent months rehanding at thretiver head's foundation is headed back out to sea. the injured loggerhead allthinrtleo icknamed herculesraws found by lower fisherman off the coast in octobem.ahener monmot of rehab. the turtle is headed to florida where it will be ny caysed.
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tv and phone for your first year. plus with a 2 year agreement, fios gives you $400 back, and all the premium movie channels for a year. hurry and go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. all right. some chick-fil-a it will take a lil dle while . y.onger am the chain shut done the new restaurant
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inspectors fo the ld six health code violation ranging from fruit flies, improper temne ature cell and chick-fil-a known for the waffle fries and thatst opened three mon ho. many are bumped out bay the closing. >> i3 oe! 't a fow. t wt co tohg in here. like just to get something to eat. >n mnts actuato surprised because chick-fil-a is always really clean. it is alagsut me baual is fast-food restaurant. steve: all right. thtobompany said inh i3 saimaement the restany nt would reopen once it is confident everything exceeds the standards. dari:a sll,es,ming back long island friendly's franchise is cayping to make biges,mebreo yofter moonerring were bankruptcy. j and b restany nt partners filed chanct to 3 11 year ago and shut down nearly a dozen in nassise anaw u- iolk county. thees,mpany reopened the sayreville locations are themn it plans to remodel five more restaurantses this year.
10:39 pm
od6 steveredded off with a price war. pop pa johns is offering over 50 thens to kester mers who by one by. they are now selling a withe toppingf anz gla for $5 with the purchase of one other i the n. tough to stick to your these deals into. heyeah. >> right. all right. >> well, is there a thing as the post hol allty blue is? will go with yes. dari: why so many people are glad to raig back to normal. steve: they are he showing off. yeah. all right. maty. any more argue ams about letting the pets sleep in bed. you got mykentention. yeah.
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r-5 the caylidays are over, ofes,urse. today meant back to school and work for a aimt peheyee of. re as jen lahmers fo, that others are ready to return to the noher routine. reporter: it is time to pack up the decorations and toss thatas inte and sen the kime back to t iscle and go back to work so how are you feeling foght.that the that alltys ar reaver? >> it make mess sad because it is nice to have acee motmaseckirit. >> hedspy. >> i think a little sad. >> because you know, the cayseicipat-a is over. now it is just the rest of the year. wait or the cayy ppeo. re opry happy. why that is? >> because i don't like
10:42 pm
the crazi has. re reporter: there are two ways to look at. trivernece in, the stress is takft giving and planning for holiday celebrations are over. inte with thestev ionsre backorn omr racation and spending time with the ones which can to. so when you look that blank calendar at work. i think peheyeetend to 3 re a sitive trutlooking and tend to be excited. yeah. peopletend toce i3 d3 outomewcho of a negative utlooking and the most depressed going back and forth. rep reter: drs arematthew says this are ways to cope. first he sawor cayseive yourse. y an exy. transition. one of the best trick bruss can get away with it. take windy off were work. it is much easier yofter aankgranis jenk if you thisrui have to go for monday morning. reporter: second, cayseive you yogght.l? ething to look forward to. >> plan something really good. brirsta statend in flanuary. plan something you look forward to that loi dy trr s itrdayo ight. >who irio to those things work. justankled ken th reeas ag. trnly anoththew355 days
10:43 pm
on the upne east side, flenniferf.bouers, "fox 5 news." steve: the weather did take it to the nk att levow . steve: it with as the holidays. 60 degrees then yoght.go to the car this morning whenever it and it was cold for the firstting me. ierent wait until tomorrow morning when it is 14 aitin city. side,: evenankwer. meteorologist: oh, yeah. steve: i don't want to corow about to tnticelaim. 3 degrees now. steve: wow. side,: wow. jes,er: conditions only a quick cold blast for now. side,: okay. ne teve:: theholid. ja swer.her up later in the week. wait by the middl reaf j raibec theback eorethat is er:nging and i think when that eventually does happebec mit:le to end next of mwhixculd we get cold and stay cold and have threats november around hemn we'll see. today, 36. 17. 17s the temperature. ag beaimw average here: 6 for the record high. minus 3 for the record low.
10:44 pm
stay beiti to36row. 7:20 sunrise. enjoy that later daylight that ises, tohg on. 17 nu and humidity 46%. pressure is 30-32 and stenr. not truh g all ng with. that clear sky. a few scattered cloud andakt offshore. foxning isf ancking up a couple of snow showers off here. that is. i d notes, tohg orwer.y. anuyouankled at the highs her to day. a little deceiici'l truh earlier in thep>> wy. the nperatures started tumbling in the afternoon. s n we the do itif rlih e 37 . sokeepsie. 40 montauk. 32 bellmawr. nrat see wherea s're. it is 22 still with the east end. only 17 islip. 15 bridgeport. aitasher,3 3ed dowas to withe. 10 sussex. 16 at the jersey shore and talkingte3 uemidigoo er:ngeght.gter across the area from 24 hours ago. tenme are busy. 6 asting to and h5% les per hour. in fact, here is the wind 6 asts. onen a gust trf 30 in cayt th go gusting to 29 in
10:45 pm
bridgep ret. the windchills are dowas there. below 0. bridgeport and islip. tohus and h. tohfor nxtin . sokee:2ie. feeling like 6 in the city. all right. thees,er:ce isrommonp toc 13 now. back to williamsport and puff low. 6 albany. istxn's. withegor, i am sorry. it is it. he is the expert with that towe. let's3 ans inall rightx that satellite photo showing clear sky for the to tst caytr. talaktngall rightx the sky staying clear into tomorrow. ld h pressgoo thi e is on dowaslikom theromeat lakes region givings the norly air plo and the boer:ppeast inlatd f so asa s take a look at the day planner tomorr in morrk fo caytr gnyp>> wy. tee loi out the door in the city. low to mid teens. 31 phternoongi3 we stay .owlikeezing. future cast shows the high desert southward and dmonp and dmonp%.t it d. a wind shaft by wednesday. temne itres ju3 us back up. w: thlate in the 40's. all right. it is cold. ck 0 to 4. onlain, a few clouds.
10:46 pm
it isk. t an. the 7 day shows 42 though for wednesday and thursdd f thatots ofk. cloudies gather friday. rain at might. more raink. 47 m. nottle daimt of are in on sunday. notice the upper 40's with we cool dowas to ot day. then, i am telling you now, mild of ex week, ooneredond,a s lol transday air 3 toes,er:a sather and say that way. we will start se recng the alsidd- 6of jan win wind >> iwer.s about to ask you. >> are you win hinting, trip? 2athah. down the road. >> i am. after the% d toutustev p>> wyp>>ta s m >> mid january. steve: all bets off. reporter: thight. stee t gothe e 1al. 2utuis tht. start bracing ourselves. mer on the end of the twindcoughlin era. russ is in next with sports. reporter: i am imes e oales. the bruckat by castle hill avenue. one lane closed wetat for constrcoltstaylikom . a:00
10:47 pm
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reporter: all right. how are you doing, daysrever withe phterday. seasons on the job. tom coughlin is indeed x 9 hee ces,pe of the new yo sured a statement this aftethat e: that hewer.s stepping dowas and du g those 12 season and two super bowls. wr maaktni itrwas the q win inrback and thered dime giants together back in 2004 so tom listen the withly heades,3 oh eli. oner had. listening to eli speak this morning. you are withegst corow ye aktnd of strong bond they have. >> a great coach. wece ive aromsts suronatio loihmon. a great rust. i appreciate the way works and thpe thewer.y ice indle mydeesin, h and play quarterback anuprep and get ree cy. and you it is,a sce id a towod run. it could have been bettthewobviously. kst i appretat te everything that he has den for me. reporteer:aall thight. i thpe you9 a sll heard more emotion
10:49 pm
than i did inhereathars aitk. it is understandable. ally and tom live and q erate> m thek. ouroncept3 thday ser withe is a self promoter. is always, alwaysteto e teest. t wt% sten to tom talking to me this past thursday when i asked aitwhe yy the se% a3 3f i mali agter was so important knowing that yoght.arelate cyng for notay wg to tre than pride? >> you will pit on the line. you willlatay9 ce ilata as can. you play to win. that is the response k. that's the re spo loiis he alsment that is yat you give in return for sign hag conrack. , uk. going to do this antome will pull fill our obligation with 100%. k reter: thight there wer: a is tom is all about. fulfilling obligations. wih a is yat hen bcd to i loithol. in what has become a me rees, 3s ateto e te. he went together. , u3 thver luthewwlint physician geomothat is why tom accepted down.
10:50 pm
c thatwer.s not aitis f frilt. he is a coach. the coach is supposed to lead> m moto eple in towthe e and bad times m. my respect for tom cuff lynn as cocou is withly ek heed> m re spct for tom coughlin as a man them they do not come any he wter. 2s for yo. ty recou hew tom. i am sure ben is one candidate. se bably carolina blthe ehers' 1itynsive coordinator sean mcder mo is another. theing t thulsin another theieed. reporter: in keyed. the whole thing is a ksnchppeowce ilatas nu and all fa loideet i don't think there is much joy in seeing go. they are notce ippy to. i i thight. a bad guy. like said. he is gnat se3 g remotown isall rightx the withly thing he loves more than the footed ball is the t wtm. ity. >> indehavi3 p thanknd t russ. do you let the pets sleep with you? >> wronl, a. tdo r, h e any says it is coming up with a perfect way to sh sea thesind wday s your fu fristevs if. they call the ultimate bunk bea the. t co, hce isdee. itt ines,ed.artment. look at this for the pet. theae
10:51 pm
it is so cute. fit the size of the doing or cat. blriceses the m a sea going to vary but even get their name on the side of. bout.e i iand bout.e i yoght.will be sleeping in the car. >> bass tok. whichce i. tdand dog will get the real bed in mo time. no way. >> be carefulsinfore you invest in that bed. make no mistake. all right. r
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